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    It's been over two years since I last traveled to my favorite hunting grounds the wonderful Germany. I have been busy during this time in planning and researching new and hopefully better places to visit. Finally this September the planning paid off.
    Sorcerer and I have been corresponding for over two years. In our joint hobby of the Partytreff /swinger scene we have exchanged a lot of intimate secrets. But until this September we have never met face to face. In planning our adventures, our main problem was deciding which clubs were worth checking out on our valuable time limited trip. I have been surfing the German sites and were amazed to find a lot more of these Partytreff/swinger clubs than I ever could imagine existed
    We also realized that all the best action in these clubs only took place on the weekends and during the mid week the action was limited with some of the best clubs closed. We were in a dilemma as where and what clubs to visit
    I will post a list of some of the clubs (at the end of this report) that had I found and were under consideration to visit. Hopefully others can make use of this compilation and carry on from were we left off and review these as candidates So that other can learn and possibly enjoy new and better experiences
    One thing I did confirm this trip was that Beverly in Solingen is the best sex club (in Germany and possibly in the world?) It has been going 18 years, and has got a lot better since I was there last. Wednesday night is" Super Orgy party" There must have had somewhere between 100-150 real hot and horny guests and among them I guess there must have been at least 50 horny women or more all looking to get Screwed by as many total strangers as possible in one night. Some of them were unstoppable. Unbelievable as it may seem these women had a stronger desire (than the men) to get their pussies and other orifices stuffed.
    I have never seen anything like it - loads of attractive as well as the next-door neighbors wives come here just to get laid and were addicted to it. I watched some of them and they would start at the bar area go with one guy to one of the back rooms and continue with another and then more maybe going on for one or even two hours non stop. I could clearly see and hear that they were enjoying it as much as the guys. Most likely even more so!
    But I did notice that some of the couples only came to see and\or be seen did not take part in the action so I have not included them in my count
    This is the first time either of us have ever toured as a pair (until now we have both traveled solo) and as it turned out it was to both of our advantage as it made it much easier to score and we had each others company to speak and incite the girl into getting to interact with our wicked ploys.
    The weekdays are quite a problem as the action is much more limited than the weekends and as we are both very spoiled. We are looking for extra hot action (only the best clubs) and it was very difficult to decide which to hit and on which club that had the highest possibility of getting the biggest bangs for our bucks. (no pun intended)
    We both spent quite a lot of effort to try and entice some swingers and girls on the different chats to be present and join us at the different venues .As it turned out in the end the end results even though they paid off to some extent were still well below our planned expectations.

    Tuesday night
    We had spent a lot of time setting all this up and arranged to meet in the Dusseldorff airport. Sorcerer had arrived the day before and had picked up his rental car We exchanged photographs and met as planned .We had decided to try out Geeny's Partytreff club in Oberhausen on Tuesday night .As this club had some quite decent reviews on the local German boards and looked well worth checking out.
    This place is new and has only been open less than a year and seemed to be a good candidate for a nice time

    Oberhausen is situated about 60km north east of Dusseldorff and is situated right inside the old town on the 4th floor of a modern office building. It wasn't very difficult to find thanks to the onboard navigation system that was fitted to our Mercedes estate car. A word of warning Lotheringer St is a one-way street and one has to go up the street before to be able to enter Geeny's address in the right direction. We arrived early just after opening time at 17:00 and had no problem finding parking outside in the street.
    The barman a young guy in his 20s welcomed us . We paid our 100 Eu and changed into our working cloths (i.e. black briefs) handed in our locker key had a shower and went to explore the premises. The club is not big but nicely decorated clean and cozy. It consists of a small entrance area which leads into the main central lounge area which has a small bar and TV with the usual porno movie there is a small raised platform used I guess for a erotic dance show which I read are held some days. Leading off from the lounge are two open nicely furnished action rooms as small eating area where a nice buffet meal was served for all the guests and staff later. There is a steep spiral staircase winding upstairs to an attic bedroom with a sloping roof very intimate and cute. Downstairs there is a small sauna as well as the shower and bathrooms. And that's is all there is at Geeny's.
    Geeny's translated means Genie (As in Aladdin and the Lamp)
    I was told that this club was started and owned by one of the ex workers \staff of MFZ Krefeld (see my previous trip reports) When we got there were only about 3 other guys present and to begin with just one girl in her late 30s who looked ok and shortly after sitting down on the sofa she and Sorcerer were quickly exchanging glances and before I could realize what was happening the two of them were off to the room for some fun and games This must have happened within 10 minutes after our arrival I was still sitting in the lounge area but could clearly hear some loud moaning noises of ecstasy
    A very nice friendly club great atmosphere
    I got up and out of curiosity wandered over to the room peered in and there was Sorcerer in-between her legs up in the air wide apart and she was moaning and making a whole lot of noise. Two other guys were also watching and ready waiting in the wings to take over once these two had finished the first act. I decided to head back to the lounge as a new girl had just arrived and looked promising. Her name was Ursula but she cannot be considered a knock out beauty because she had too much fat on her, She made up for the deficiencies in that area by her charming friendly bubbly attitude and had a great smile. She didn't speak English but we were able to communicate somehow or other. I was sitting close to her with my hand on her thighs. Shortly Sorcerer reappeared from the shower after his session with the elderly blond he told me not to bother banging her as she was not good and all the Screaming and moaning was a very poor acting job (I took heed to his words and didn't touch this girl during my stay at the club
    Ursula looked into my eyes with a look that said "Screw me NOW" and being the gentleman I am how could I refuse. She took my hand and led me to the nearest room with Sorcerer following close behind. We both apologized for not speaking German but she giggled and made it clear none of us had the need for any language for the venture we were embarking on .he heee She didn't waste any time in removing my brief's and very quickly and seductively had my tool up and hard and was doing a great blow job with her soft lips. By now Sorcerer had recovered from his previous bout and now was ready to join in and all three of us ended up in a hot joint orgy .It was a super session which must have lasted about 40 minutes after it was over I offered Ursula a pro massage she jumped at the offer and enjoyed every minute of it. I had another two sessions with her during that night but just the normal one on one type. All were great.
    At about 7:30 we were joined by the presents of another girl Claudia of Polish origin. Claudia spoke only German and Polish. She looked about 28 had a great body and had pretty face but her specialty was in the Zimmer (room). She was very good in knowing how to stimulate men and had a very tight pussy .I enjoyed the 2 sessions I had with her. I was trying to arrange a multiple session with the 2 girls and Sorcerer but it was not to be. In all we had a nice time but were disappointed that no more girls or couple were present that night
    We were told by the guests and the barman that often private couples visit and they have about 10-15 girls who regularly frequent this club (these are paid staff obviously)
    We saw a very attractive girl Tina who arrived late and all the guys seemed to know her. She didn't undress or take part in the action that night .a pity as I quite fancied having a round or 2 with her. What we both liked about this club was the nice friendly atmosphere between the guests and staff it made a great exciting and enjoyable evening. Well that sums up Geeny's if you like what you read here maybe you will also decide to pay this new and little known club a visit

    OUR BIG DELEMA (Wednesday Night)
    I was in a big dilemma as to where to go for my second night as my friend Sorcerer still didn't know if he would be free to join me as he still wasn’t sure it he would be able to wriggle his way out of his business commitments So I was looking for some good action to go to on my own I was considering either Dupont outside Dusseldorff or even driving 2 hours each way down to Candy club in the outskirts of Frankfurt/ Russelheim. Then again I was enticed by the reports that Beverly has been getting bigger and better and that even Wednesday night was very hot and wild.

    Oh BEVERLY it has to be the BEST
    In the end it turned out that Sorcerer was free that night and we both decided that our best bet would be Beverly and right we were, as it turned out there were possibly as many people there on Wednesday as on Friday. We arrived a bit later than planned due to traffic problems plus a minor personal mishap. We both arrived at about 18:00 an hour after the Beverly opening and by this time we were amazed to see that the place was already throbbing with loads of good looking young women waiting for hot heavy action. It was a fantastic sight to see. Sorcerer is now a regular to the club and he is well known. He had been there the previous weekend where he announced that his friend Wizard would be joining him
    I was pleasantly surprised to be made so welcome and the pre build up paid off and in no time I was one of the gang and this was to be beginning of the best night of sex I have ever had so far. My head was in a spin as I was introduced to one pretty girl after another most in the bar area, but some also in the action rooms either I was busy nailing one lass and Sorcerer would say this is Miss A or Miss B. I would laugh and say "Pleased to meet you" while continuing with my current date and meet her later for a more personal and intimate introduction. . If you get the picture Ha haaa
    A lot of the women were with their husbands and introduced them to me just before taking my hand and drag me off to a comfortable place to get intimate. Just her and me. Of course some of the women were better than others.
    At all the other clubs we visited when we mentioned the name Beverly everyone would all say that most of the women are on payroll and were all pro's. I know a lot of debate has been made about this place and all the girls adamantly deny that anyone of them is paid. But I believe that some of the girls do have some kind of arrangement with the club (maybe that there husbands and partners get in for free in exchange to help and get the other guests into the right mood. But one thing for sure even if they are paid in some way or other. They all enjoy what they do and cannot get enough sex.
    Now I don't suppose a lot of you are going to believe me. I am no superman but I guess I must have screwed at least 12 if not 15 women that night. Some will say how it that possible. What's my secret well its quite simple while I held off cumming with a lot of them and only came about 3 or 4 times during the evening which worked out about one orgasm, every hour and a half or so (this was enough time to recharge my batteries .A lot of the women were quite happy just giving BJs or getting pumped for a bit without me having to blow my load on every one of them. I wish I could have but there is a limit what us guys can do. I also have to take into consideration my age getting close to the half-century.
    Let me try and explain a typical round

    I would be sitting in the bar sipping my coke (no alcohol as it affects my performance) as I had been introduced as a friend of Sorcerer. I already had a head start and found it easy to make conversation with either one of the ladies or husbands sitting around the bar. It didn't take long to find an interested party (female) who interested in my tales of my Internet adventures. A bit of staring into her eyes and it wouldn't be long before that either one of us would suggest to go and explore the club or the lady would grab my hand and lead me of to a darker and quieter area. And without much ado we would start with some erotic foreplay either she would pull of my black briefs and start to BJ me or I would offer to start off with a massage and from there we would continue and go on to having sex this type of session lasted from 20 minutes to an hour.
    On the shorter sessions I often started with one woman then another would be laying close and watching my moves and try and steal me away from my original date in one bout I clearly remember being passed between three women, (Satisfying each of them before continuing to the next). It was fun I must admit
    Other time I would prowl on my own around the rooms peeking in looking for action and often I would get a beckoning wave from one of the women in one of the rooms and if I would like to join them for some company. It went on like this all night long if only I had the recovery powers like women have I could have done even more, not that I'm complaining,
    As I sit here writing and recalling my memories from that Wednesday night a big grin runs across my face and I still cant believe it was all true and happened to me. At least this time I have got a witness (Sorcerer) to vouch for me.


    (Thursday Night)
    On Thursday we had planned to pay a visit to Blue Lagoon in Duren. We had been surfing on the chat and forum and from what we had been advised the best nights were of course weekends but Thursday would be our next bet as if was FKK night which means a nude dress code and guest tend to be more open and liberal on these type of events. As it turned out we were wrong as this date coincided with the local school parents-teacher night and all of the usual guest were busy meeting their children's teachers plus it was the end of the month an few people have much money left from their salaries.
    As soon as we arrived at the parking .I mention that it didn't look good, as there were only about 3 other cars in the lot. But as we had arrived and didn't have any other nearby option at hand. We decided to enter. We were greeted at the door by Jackob owner\barman\web admin wrapped in a towel around his waist. We were also surprised as I handed him a 100eu bill and Sorcerer was about to hand him another but entry only cost us 25eu each and were handed back 50eu change. We undressed and changed into our birthday suites showered and went to the bar to mingle.
    This is a nice clean club on 2 floors set in private house (it could have well been a pub once) It consist of a nice bar room with the decorated Blue lagoon lounge next to it down the hall are the 2 showers: dinning room sauna and locker changing rooms. Upstairs there are 3 action rooms decorated with mattresses and stools and chairs all dimly and romantically lit.

    When we got to the bar area there was another two guys and a skinny young 30ish blond girl. We were disappointed, as this did not meet our expectations.
    As I said we had been surfing the chat forum and Sorcerer had struck up a good rapport with a woman married with red hair she said she would try and turn up.
    We 2 sat around the bar for a few minutes and to my surprise Sorcerer disappeared with the skinny blond upstairs which left me alone sipping my coke. He doesn't waste any time. I was jealous but it was short lived as he quickly returned after about 10 minutes and told me not to bother or waste my time with her, She seemed to be mentally disarranged and was stopping every minute to clean herself and the experience was horrible. I did not go near her all evening. Shortly after this another couple turned up she in her late 20s early 30s he was older maybe 40 she had red hair so it looked like our internet chat friend had decided to come after all.
    But we had a problem our friends didn't speak any English and we no German. She was sure we could speak the lingo as we chatted with her in German but we explained that we did this with the help of a software translator. This made her very cool and shy she would not even look us in the eyes a bad sign. So I got busy chatting up the hubby. He managed a few English words and with my limited German we managed to make some headway, which lead us being invited to follow them to the sauna. We sat there but she was not showing any reaction to Sorcerers advances of him lightly brushing against her body as he was sitting closes to her in the sauna. We stayed here for about 15 minutes and left separately to shower off followed by a small meal snack in the dinning area (all 4 of us) but still nothing I was getting worried that tonight was going to be a total washout. We all went back to the bar again and sat around for another 20 minutes till our couple just got up and left the bar. I told Sorcerer that I think we both blew it as they had left but he noticed that there locker key was still in place so this meant at least they hadn't gone to get dressed to leave. We were both relived when hubby re entered the bar and invited us both upstairs to join them. A big grin and smile ran across our faces as we climbed the winding staircase to the lady in waiting.

    All 4 of us entered the middle room and I broke the ice with a suggestion of a massage to which she hastily agreed. I started of by giving her a deep soothing back massage and later the others also joined in and assisted me. She seemed to be enjoying it as I could see and feel that she was getting aroused (you cant blame her being the presents of 3 men) Then I noticed that Sorcerer had his head between her legs and was flicking her clit with his tongue. He continued giving her oral massage while I was busy on her shoulders and back. By the time my hands had reached her bum and Sorcerer politely made way for me to continue from where he had just been. I went to work on it with my tongue in a very gently massage around her clitoris. She was by now soaking wet Meanwhile the other 2 were still busy caressing the rest her body and she was moaning from pleasure
    I continued to gently massage her clitoris with my tongue till she could obviously take no more as she made it clear she wanted me to mount her "NOW" and I of course didn't want to upset the lady and did as commanded. It was a great fuck and after I came doggy she continued with Sorcerer then with hubby a all round 3 in 1 .It was a great session and we all laid there in a heap exhausted and laughing at what we just did.
    We must have been upstairs in the room for maybe 45 minutes and afterwards we went downstairs to shower refresh and recharge for the next round? But this was not to be as Mrs. M was complaining of a headache from being too long in the sauna and wanted to go home so after they got dressed they came to say goodbye and gave us each a big kiss and thanked us both for the good time.
    Just before this another couple arrived of Central\South American origin in their late 30s overweight not attractive she was dressed in a towel and wouldn't take it off they stayed around the bar for a bit then went upstairs followed by Sorcerer and the young German guy but. Sorcerer returned shortly and told me not to waste my time as she had a terrible body odor and the hubby was standing guard over her and only let the German guy fist fuck her.

    Friday night even better actually the "BEST"
    We both decided that we had done our bit for the night and had to keep our energy for what was in store for us at Beverly on Friday. We were expecting Friday to be the best night of our trip and it turned out even better than we could have imagined.
    It was much a repeat on the Wednesday session but a lot more of Sorcerer friends were present. I was introduced to all of them including a very special beautiful and charming lady who I had the honor to make the acquaintance with. It was difficult to know even approximately how many people were present as they were always moving around the labyrinth of rooms with some guests arriving as late as 12 0clock as well as the fact that the big disco was open and that holds lots of people also I don't know how many couples were upstairs in the couple only area so I guess there could have been somewhere between 150-200 guests that night.
    This is the first time that I have seen the disco in action as last time it was closed and I only had a peek in at the deserted and empty area. . But tonight it was different the place was hopping with loads of sexily dressed women milling around, some of them on the dance floor gyrating to the hot funky music.
    Beverly had 2 very attractive young professional dancers who really new how to move and were dressed in sexy bikini type outfits which by the end of the night had been all removed and they were dancing completely naked .I was told that these girls never play in the back rooms only dance what I pity I would have loved to bounce and grind with either or both of them.
    The food
    I have to commend that the food served at Beverly was outstanding both tasty appetizing and as much as you can eat. They have a Spanish chef and he was constantly adding new tasty snacks to the help yourself buffet that was being replenished the whole night. . I hadn't eaten during the day, as I knew I would get a good evening meal at the club. It is easy to made a pig of oneself but as most of us need our energy and cant afford to go around bloated with food .It pays to limit what one eats on visiting this fine club.
    The ACTION
    The action was much the same as the previous Wednesday night but even more intense I guess I must have played (Fucked) at least 12 if not 15 women (not exaggerating I just lost count) As I would often start off with one and end up finishing after being passed on to the third or forth girl .We all enjoyed ourselves me included. One interesting session about midway thorough the evening I poked my head under the arch leading into one of the rooms and there were 4 girls\women and two guys (one of them Sorcerer) all busy but I could hear English being spoken so I said in my English accent ah "I see this must be the English speakers room." All the girls started to giggle and said I was welcome to join them and make the party merrier didn't need any more encouragement and jumped in and joined the fray.
    I was soon engulfed in the arms and legs of a very special woman who shall remain nameless for now. We must have been doing it for about 20 minutes and during a break we all got talking in general chitchat and the old question came up. From where did the other English speaking guy hear about Beverly and was it his first time. Yes his 1st time and he heard about it from the Internet. Sorcerer asked where from the net? He said I read about a report form a guy named Wizard to which Sorcerer replied, "Well Wizard is right here now fucking the girl next to you." I said Hi and pleased to meet you " What a small world I asked if he had heard of Sorcerer and that he is also in this room. We all laughed and the girls seemed to understand to that we must be quite famous made us both feel good that our efforts are appreciated and enjoyed by others.

    Our pre trip plans on the net did not materialize
    I did mention in my pre trip teaser that we had planned some extra kicks in which we both were busily engaged in posting to the different website of the clubs advertising for partners for our clubbing nights. This we hoped would draw some interested girls or couples out into the open and thereby makes our evenings more interesting and the chance to meet their friends an easier goal.
    We did manage to keep up a good correspondence with one woman who very much wanted to meet with us. But unfortunately sent us both an email Friday morning saying she couldn't make it due to not being able to find a baby sitter for her child (I believe her and she would have come if she had the chance. Well maybe next time "Blondie". We all lost out on this one?)

    I had one interesting correspondence with a young couple .Who showed a lot of interest in meeting at Beverly and joining them and their friends in partying.
    But as the letters went back and fourth it turned out that the guy was Bi sexual and it sounded to me that their only interest in this meet was that I was to have oral (or more) sex with the hubby I WAS NOT GAME NO WAY and told them so. The woman from the pictures looked real pretty and cute but nothing came out of it and we never met.

    My last session "It was a GAS"
    One other session that I think is worth reporting was my the last one of the evening I had been introduced earlier in the evening to a very interesting young private woman Miss P who has lots of body piercing and was warned to be one of the biggest sluts in the house. We said Hi and made a date to meet later .I did see her in action about 9-10 o'clock at the end of the bar with everyone standing and sitting around drinking and chatting. She was naked and a big guy in leathers was rubbing up behind her. Without further ado she just bent over and let this guy fuck her in full view off everyone. Not only that, she found two more guys willing to drop their briefs and she was busy sucking each of them in turn while she had this other guy still fucking her from behind. As I said she is a slut!
    It was getting near closing time and I was looking around for my last action for the night and my trip I was looking for something special to end my eve and found Miss P in the big room with about 5 or 6 guys standing around her. She was on her knees sucking these guys off one after another sometimes with 2 dicks in her mouth at once. I watched this for about 15 -20 minutes staring on in amazement. Getting hornier all the time and decided I had to make a play as my time was running out and if I wanted to have one last fling now was the time and place. It's now or never.
    As she was on her knees sucking the other guys off I managed to lay down and crawl on my back in-between her legs and was able to tongue her pierced clitoris with one gold blob hanging just above her clit and two bells on either side of her labia’s. I was very gentle to start with and she immediately got aroused to my advances and told me in English "please don't stop do it some more more MORE" I continued and she was still BJ ing at least two other guys till they came,
    I was busy lapping at her bud when I felt someone first lifting then pulling my legs. To begin with it wasn't strong but this guy was insistent and kept on pulling harder and stronger. I was in-between this girls legs holding on for my dear life with my arm while still trying to play with her toys. Anyway eventually some one told this guy to stop and leave us alone and I saw a young guy leave the room in disgust. Miss P or I still have no idea who or why he did it. Definitely not a friend of either of us.
    I continued to eat her and by this time it was just the two of us on our own but with quite a crowd of onlookers she was soaking wet down below and shaking violently and moaning after about a minute she said "I WANT YOU INSIDE ME NOW" I was handed a condom and she put it on in a flash and "Bobs your uncle" we were fucking hard and strong for quite some time she was moaning I was in ecstasy till I couldn't hold it any longer and blew my load inside her doggy fashion I gave out a loud groan and exploded .We had a large crowd of on lookers who were enjoying our performance I even got up and gave them a short bow before leaving for the shower to clean up but not before thanking and congratulating my host for a terrific fuck. She thanked me too so I said then we are quits and we both laughed and parted company.
    WOW it was some night one I shall never forget. There were some other very sensuous moments that I want to keep to myself and are not going to repeat in public.
    I hope this report has not bored you to death I know it long but I had so much to write about that I find it difficult to know what to cut out .So forgive me if I rambled on to much I just wanted to share with my readers my experience as best as I could tell it.

    Geeny’s Oberhausen
    Lothringer St 60 4th floor (elevator)

    Coming from Klon or Dusseldorff going north on Autobahn A3 (the signs will show Oberhausen.) till junction 13 then on to the A40 to Oberhausen /Styrum exit the autobahn at junction 16 turn left at the lights on top of the bridge over the autobahn drive about one km through the town till you will notice a Gas station (on your right Aral) here make a left onto Herman-Alberz Str you take the 6th turning on the right which is a one way street going north go to the first junction on this street turn left and left again now you will be in Lothringer St the club is located in a big modern office block near to the corner in the evenings there is plenty of free on street parking

    Beverly Solingen Burg
    Eschbach Strasse 149 Solingen-Burg D-42659

    From Dusseldorff or Klon you take the A3 /E35 till junction 23 where you change to the A1/E37 The sign post says Wuppertal you drive on this autobahn till junction 96 which says Wermlskrchen you come of the motorway and follow the road till you come to a junction you turn left the sign post already read’s to Solingen burg (but in German letters Slosf) you follow this road though small villages in open country for about 5KM then you will come to a wooded area and then the road winds through this with sharp s curves when you come out of this you will reach a junction you make a left and immediately on the other side of the road you will see a parking lot and Beverly is right there.

    Blue Lagoon Duren
    Roermonder str 24 Merken (nr Duren)

    From Klon take A4 towards Aachen till junction 11 drive in the direction of Duren at the second traffic light (at the McDonalds) make a left onto the L 13 to Hoven there make a right at the traffic lights onto K 35 to Merken when in Merken make a right onto Roermonder str 24 it’s a separate building on the right hand side of the road with its on parking area.

    Other Partytreff Swinger clubs that I have found on the net maybe worth checking out?

    My notes on some of these clubs

    Shalimar sounds like the next best thing to Beverly and certainly need checking out but its weekend only This club is in Mönchengladbach and is also worth checking out

    Partytreff Schelm is near to solingen (maybe be good for all day Tuesday) 80eu Hagen Tue and Fri 100eu

    Insider treff 90eu Tue Fri Sat Bad Briesig near Bonn Koblens

    Dessous partytreff Thur Fri Sat Sun 75 eu in Slangen a bit out the way towards Hanover

    Club Prive Eschwille near to aachen 80Eu mon - fri 18:00 till 04:00

    Privatter partytreff Bottrop wed to sat 18-24:00 eu75

    Partytreff Colonia Klon outskirts mon to fri 17-24 100eu ?????

    Partytreff Hagen Tue and fri 100eu check more
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    A terrific report and made me think about going to Beverley. Have to admit that up to now the web page was off putting (too flash Harry for me) and the club had a reputation for being a home for show offs who liked being looked at but not touched. Will try the club on a Wednesday, maybe this week. If I say I am a friend of you two will that get me somewhere!!!
    You had club Candy on your list, well give it a miss. A lot of bad reports in Germany that this is a waste of time. Generally the standard of swinger clubs seems to have diminished in the past two years. At one time Mettmann partytreff was THE place to go, but again reports are surfacing that it is past its best, lack lustre women and best only at weekends.
    Having been to a few myself over the years all I can say is that a partytreff is a very hit and miss way to spend an evening. Some of them have women there who are enough to put you off the whole idea of sex for at least a fortnight. Fucking a plastic doll would be marginally better. Then just as you wonder what on earth persuaded you to bother, a couple can arrive and the timid and wary wife turns out to be a raving sex machine, so turned on that she cannot stop.
    This happened to me twice. Once was at Partytreff 188 where a stunning brunette in a black body, slim with small pert tits exposed and black plastic boots had the hottest and wettest pussy imaginable. Her boyfriend/husband would give her the coupe de grace when the rest of us had shot our loads and sat back and admired her coming like a train.
    You know when a woman is really turned on because her pussy tells you - pulsates, heats up and drenches you with juices. No amount of ooohing and aaghing from the more professional women at these clubs can ever disguise the fact that their pussies are in neutral. This was three years ago and again I must say some reports of 188 are terrible these days
    The other time was at a club in Frechen in Cologne. At first a dead loss. The women got you laid then ignored any attempt to persuade them to return to the mat. As if to say 'you've had your fuck, chum!' Then around 11 pm in walks a little mousy thing with her professor husband at least 20 year older, peeks around and sits down in her latex. Eventually braves it on the mat with ten men surrounding her and proceeds to warm to her task. She let herself be taken every which way and by the end had three men, two of them inside her. I left hoping that such a natural talent had shamed the other women into re-thinking their hardboiled attitude.
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    Re: beverley

    When you go to Beverly, tell them thaqt you know STEVE from Chicago. (They do not know me by the name Sorcerer) You will have a very good time. :pimkin
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    Anon I dont think every Wednesday is going to be as good as we had I think we hit a special day
    Your best bet is weekends
    But you should have a good time anyway as long as you set yourself to high expections unless you are a regular and well known .
    I am known in the club by the name of Jeff
    Enjoy in true Roman orgy style
  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


    Thanks for the advice from both of you, encourages me a great deal. My standards are really based on having a good time as the word 'party' indicates. Good conversation, flirting and amusement as well as interest in each other makes the sex enjoyable no matter what the woman looks like. But the natives here who run patrytreffs sometimes don't seem to understand the concept of fun. Rather they know dogged commercial determination.
    On that basis I would miss out the Spritzehaus in Mainz, Gourmet nr Frankfurt, the Giessen place, all of which have had very bad reports. Number One in Russelsheim has a write up in the German side of this forum and I can confirm the guy's impression of their GB parties. Terrible BO after a while, sweaty lack of air and a constant crush of men. More than 100 men in one evening? that's several football teams and everyone of them a shooter!! How the women cope with it I do not know - they earn their money. but on other days (normal party days) opinion is divided. Number One has its fans and also it critics, the latter tend to be couples who would rather only have other couples there. Swinger couples can be very snooty about single men, odd but true.
    There's the old joke that the Germans are spontaneous, so long as you tell them when to be so. I speak German and think I am pretty sociable, so the problem is not the language barrier. Beverley certainly sounds different and very much a happening place. Again much appreciated.
  6. sorcerer

    sorcerer Bürger

    Registriert seit:
    4. September 2002

    Re: thanks

    :pimkin I would be happy to give you more private details that can make your Beverly experience more rewarding - but you did not register with an email address. If you go on Friday or Saturday, look for a tall thin blond with small boobs - Tell her that her friend Steve from Chicago says "hello". She is a sweetheart - especially if you speak German.

    Also - tell the lady at the door who takes your Euros that you found their club from the INTERNET - and mention my name. :pimkin


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